Marc-André Nadin, Eng.


Associate Engineer, Project Leader



Marc-André Nadin joined SDK in 2002 as a design engineer. An associate since 2007, he acts as a project leader while maintaining his involvement in the design. Intuitive, committed, and accessible, he has a clear vision of the structural aspects of his projects. He can quickly identify the structural issues, allowing him to treat them diligently, making it possible to optimize architectural solutions and to better meet the client’s needs.

Marc-André Nadin’s experience includes many of SDK’s major projects, including high-rise buildings and several institutional projects, such as hospital and school expansions in densely populated areas. He has given conferences to the Montreal Structural Engineers and the Association Béton Québec to present the “Tour des Canadiens” project, a significant accomplishment in his career.

In 1999, he received his bachelor’s degree in engineering from the École de Technologie Supérieure. Eager to enhance his knowledge of structural design techniques and methods, he regularly takes part in various seminars and conferences to further his development.