Privacy policy

1. Policy objectives

SDK and Associates Inc. SDK" complies with the Act respecting the protection of personal information in the private sector. If any discrepancy between the law and this policy is brought to our attention, SDK will take all measures required for rectifier situation. The purpose of this policy is to inform you of the personal information we collect, how it is collected, used, stored and shared, and of your rights with respect to that information.
This policy applies to personal information we collect in the course of our operations, from people who visit our website or from people who apply for a job at SDK. A policy specific to the personal information of our employees is available on the company's internal network. If changes are made to this policy, a notice will be posted in the privacy section of our website.

2. What personal information do we collect?

We collect the following personal information when you fill in the contact form or when you send us this information by e-mail or any other method:

- Full name
- Email address
- Telephone number

We collect the following personal information when you submit your curriculum vitae or apply for a job:

- Full name
- Email address
- Telephone number
- Your employment and education history
- Any other personal information contained in your resume, cover letter or from people you have named as references.
Our website uses cookies and Google Analytics. These tools collect information such as

- IP address
- approximate location
- type of device used
- pages visited, date and time of visit
- language preferences

You can set your browser to block cookies. However, this may affect the way in which website content is presented. If you need to provide us with personal information in the course of our activities for a non-written purpose, you will be informed of the intended use and will be able to consent to it.

3. Consent

We ask for your express consent before transmitting information through our web site. Your consent is deemed to have been given when you send us unsolicited information by post, e-mail or any other method.
We ask for your explicit consent when you visit our website before using cookies and Google Analytics. You may contact us to withdraw your consent to the use of your information.

4. Information on minors

We do not voluntarily collect information about minors through our website. If we become aware that such information has been collected, it will be destroyed.

5. Why do we collect this personal information?

We collect your contact information in order to contact you in response to inquiries from our website, e-mail or other communication methods you may have used. We use the information you provide to apply for a job to evaluate your application. We occasionally collect other personal information for a specific purpose.
If this is the case, you will be informed of the use before the information is transmitted. Cookies are used to ensure an optimal experience on our website. We use Google Analytics to generate statistics on website usage.

6. Who has access to your personal information?

Only those persons who need access to personal information in order to perform the task for which the information was transmitted are authorized to consult it. The directories containing the information may be accessed from time to time by technical personnel in order to provide computer support.

7. Retention and Destruction of Personal Information

Computerized personal information is stored on our servers in directories with access restricted to employees who need to consult it. Documents in are kept in locked filing cabinets. Information collected by Google Analytics is stored on Google servers.
These servers may be located outside Quebec. Personal information is retained only as long as necessary for its intended use, or as required by law.

8. Access or transfer of information to third parties?

Information may be accessed by or transferred to third parties in the course of operations for the following purposes:

- Verification of compliance with the privacy policy;
- Computer security audits;
- Implementation of data protection procedures or methods;
- Issuing security clearances or conducting security surveys;
- Other purposes for which you will be informed at the time of collection.
Information may also be transferred to third parties in the event of the sale of part or all of the company. Third parties with access to personal information held by SDK will be required to comply with legal requirements relating to personal information. Information may be transferred to third parties to comply with legal obligations such as a court order.

No personal information is sold to third parties.

9. Access to and correction of personal information

You may request access to the information we hold about you. A request can be made by email by contacting the Privacy Officer identified in the next point. We will endeavour to give you access to the information within a reasonable time.

At your request we will correct inaccurate information held by us.

10. Questions or complaints

If you have any questions about this Policy or the manner in which we collect or manage personal information, you may contact the Privacy Officer. You are also encouraged to report any violations of this policy.

Daniel Mongeau
Privacy Officer

Date of update: September 21, 2023