About us

As leading specialists in structural engineering, at SDK we help our clients achieve success in their institutional, commercial, residential, or industrial projects, backed by the passion and know-how of our dedicated team of experts.


Since 1958, SDK has continued to improve and diversify its expertise by constantly seeking innovative solutions based on excellence. Over the years, our engineers have developed the following specialties:


Our team – cornerstone of our success

At SDK, we have built a team of talented and experienced technicians and engineers who work together to successfully tackle every project that comes their way.

Careers at SDK

A career At SDK

We are firm believers that work should be synonymous with engagement, exchange, and of course, enjoyment.

In keeping with our values as a company, we strive to provide our employees with an excellent work-life balance. This allows us to ensure the continued and unwavering success of our team, which is after all, our most precious asset.

With this goal in mind, we have put key measures in place to foster both personal well-being and professional growth in the workplace. All of this is made possible by our stimulating and supportive work culture, where team spirit and positive interpersonal relations take center stage.

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