Backed by our team of talented industry leading professionals, SDK stands proudly amongst the top consulting engineering firms in Montreal.

Boasting the largest department exclusively dedicated to structural engineering in all of Montreal, SDK continues to develop a strong presence in its field of specialization, all thanks to its stellar reputation and unmatched collaborative approach.


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Keen to provide an energizing work environment that helps bring our employees together and facilitate interaction, encounters and exchange, we have recently given our offices a major revamp.

Our offices feature a large open-space workshop where partners, engineers and technicians come together on a daily basis.
Our employees also have access to a lounge area with an extensive library of technical resources, a large conference room doubling up as a training room, private team rooms, and a spacious communal eating area also used as a venue for social events.


At SDK, we’re all about employee growth—that's why we offer a working environment designed to enhance the well-being and development of our staff.

From the very beginning, our identity as a company has been forged by a group of dedicated individuals, one person at a time.
People who thrive in our world and are happy here with us. And happy people, well, that's what we like to see.

A strong sense of culture


SDK offers a whole host of benefits to its staff, such as competitive group insurance coverage, reimbursement for sports and cultural activities (related to art, architecture, or engineering), as well as an employee assistance program.

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A strong sense of culture

Balance and flexibility

For us, striking the right balance between catering to the needs of our employees and ensuring the success of our projects is paramount. This is why we offer hybrid working as an option. This approach allows us to offer flexible working hours, all while prioritizing a people-focused experience. We take the realities of our employee’s lives into account, and we try to accommodate everyone’s personal/family situations.

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A strong sense of culture

A warm and friendly atmosphere

Our team spans a range of different age groups—from people in their twenties through to those in their sixties. On average, team members have been with us for around 12 years! We regularly organize internal activities that allow our staff, both old and new, to get together outside of the office and build close and long-lasting relationships.

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A strong sense of culture

Office activities

What better way to keep workplace happiness high than to set up regular activities? Those classic office traditions which staff look forward to every year, and which always get a good turnout. We organize special dinners to get as many employees as possible to join in on the fun! We also run other activities in the evenings and on weekends: sporting, culinary, outdoor, academic, recreational activities, you name it – there’s something for everyone. And remember, it’s the participation counts, so that employees have the chance to forge new friendships and take time to unwind.

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A strong sense of culture

Professional development

We provide our staff with the necessary tools to allow them to keep learning and building up their knowledge, which they can in turn put to good use in the workplace. We also offer a number of in-house training courses. Moreover, we strive to allocate projects in a way that keeps everyone's work experience interesting and varied.

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Ready to shape your future?

At SDK, you will be involved in a variety of projects, with different clients, in a friendly and collaborative environment. We are currently looking to fill the following positions:

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