Pierre-Olivier Saucier-Guay, Eng.


Associate Engineer, Project Leader



Pierre-Olivier Saucier-Guay has been proudly evolving within the SDK firm for 12 years as a design engineer and is now an associate engineer. He assumes a unifying role in the team by creating a climate of exchange and inclusion in order to contribute and grow the human resources of the company.

His dynamic contribution is felt in each of his interventions thanks to his quick wit and his remarkable practicality. Accessible and interested, he supports his team in understanding the specific challenges of each mandate by finding innovative and efficient solutions to meet the expectations of his clients.

Particularly experienced in the design of metal structures, he has accumulated experience in new constructions as well as in the modification of existing structures in industrial, institutional and multi-storey buildings. He has also carried out several large-scale commercial mandates for private clients as well as several projects in the pharmaceutical and biomedical fields.

In 2010, he completed his academic career at Polytechnique Montréal where he obtained his bachelor’s degree in civil engineering. Thanks to additional training, he masters and puts into practice the best standards in the construction of steel structures. He remains on the lookout for the evolution of standards and demonstrates a significant openness to new technologies and approaches in building design.